Hello there, my name is Cassie and I’m the creator behind Two Little Suns. I am a Mama of two beautiful sons (suns), aged 2 and a half and 11 weeks.

During mat leave with my second baby boy I decided to take a huge leap of faith and work on something I have been thinking about for a long time now.

With my first child I found myself always buying him neutral based outfits, why? Because I knew in the not so distant future I really wanted to have a second child close in age, but wouldn’t know if it will be another boy or a little girl. So because of this, I always found myself buying gender neutral styles and colour palettes that would then be easy for me to hand down to the next child or pass on to friends or family. (Esp if I found items still with tags on it 🤪🙊)

So that led me to this idea...

A gender neutral based store, all neural palettes, all the styles can be worn by both little girls and little boys!
And no Mama, I haven’t forgot about you, there will some goodies for you too.

I aim to create shopping for your little ones or shopping for others easy and stress free.

Buying a present & don’t know yet it’s a boy or girl, easy go NEUTRAL.
Do you or someone you know have boys and girls in the family & you want pieces that can transcend, easy go NEUTRAL.
Plus who doesn’t LOVE a NEUTRAL colour palette!
By shopping NEUTRAL, it also helps the environment as we know fashion is the second biggest killer of our environment to Oil.

I know how quickly your little ones grow and I believe that offering gender neutral styles & helps to promote sustainability. This allows you to share between the family, pass it down or pay it forward. 
The offering that is available, I have personally hand picked and curated brands that are ethical, sustainable and made with organic fibres!
I want you to feel good about what you are purchasing & the products that you are investing in. 

Your little ones deserve the best & so do you!

Thank you for supporting me and my little idea.

Love + Light, Cassie x